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Insurance Companies Fight Paying Billions in Claims (CNN 2/7/07)

Albuquerque Lawyer Who Sued Allstate Insurance, Was Awarded $11 million (Associated Press 7/5/06).

In Tough Hands At Allstate (Business Week 5/1/06)

Medical Malpractice Myth (Slate )

Healh Insurer Tied Bonuses to Dropping Sick Policy Holders pA22(Los Angeles Times 11/9/07)

McKees Rocks Wins Med Life Law Suit (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1/31/08)

Study Reveals Worst Insurers (Sun Herald 7/10/08)

Toyota Secretive on Black Box Data (The Associated Press 4/4/10)

Afredo Garcia (ABC7 News)(ADA Professional Plaintiff)