McKees Rocks Woman Wins Met Life Lawsuit

Thursday, January 31, 2008
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A McKees Rocks woman has won $285,000 in a civil case against Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and one of its former sales representatives dating to 1996.Donna Smorul, 65, said in her Common Pleas Court complaint that then-Met Life representative Carol Krall, aka Carol Rakowski, misappropriated money Ms. Smorul gave her to invest in various financial products with Met Life.

In all, Ms. Krall was accused of taking a total of $40,000 from Ms. Smorul and paying her back $15,000 to make it appear that her money was invested with Met Life.

A jury last week awarded Ms. Smorul $112,000 in compensatory damages and yesterday awarded her another $175,000 in punitive damages.

The case was one of 250 filed against Met Life locally in the 1990s, all of which have been settled except Ms. Smorul’s claim and one other by a different client.